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About is an open-source project helping Rocket City residents and visitors find draft beer at the many excellent breweries, bars, and retailers in the Huntsville area.

Taprooms are constantly rotating kegs. This can make it difficult to find out who's serving your favorite beer. And once you arrive, those novel-length menus can be daunting when you're looking for a particular style or brewer. allows you to easily search the draft beer inventory of retailers all across the Huntsville area. See what's available at a particular taproom, or search all of Huntsville for a particular beer, manufacturer, or style.

How it works

Most taprooms (retailers that serve draft beer) manage their inventory using software such as DigitalPour or Untappd. uses the APIs provided by these services, as well as custom-built parsers, to query the inventory of each taproom and return the results in one easy to read, searchable, sortable database, regardless of the inventory platform used.

Don't see your favorite taproom?

We are only able to track the inventory of taprooms that make their taplist available online. If a Huntsville-area taproom does use digital inventory software and isn't listed on, it's likely because we don't yet have access to their taplist.

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Contact Us is an open-source project hosted on GitHub with multiple contributors. The founding contributors are Huntsville residents and craft beer lovers Michael Carroll, Drew Winstel, and Drew McDowell.

If you want to join the conversation, find us at #hsv-dot-beer on Tech256

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Please drink responsibly. Don't forget Lyft and Uber are available in Huntsville. :)